Fun With The Soundtracks
To “The Omen” Movies

Last night, I’d helped out my local rockstar best friend, Casey, design his recent music project CD cover and tray insert. After which, he and I, along with his rather fetching girlfriend, broke out “Damien: Omen II” on DVD, since his gal pal hadn’t seen it. A track that appears in this movie in reprise form as well as being the opening title track in the first movie is “Ave Satani.” Since it’s in operatic Latin, much fun can be had by purposefully misunderstanding the lyrics. That, and I love parody. So, the next time you get a chance to see these films or hear their soundtracks, listen for the bombastic call to the “mini-moose” and how he’s “so tiny.” (There’s also “car moose” and “Annie Moose” in there too, for the truly observant.) Have a few drinks and sing along, too. We did.

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