What To Do With A Dead iMac?

Above is a deceased member of my collection, otherwise known as my Grape iMac G3. When I got it in early-1999, it was my very favorite Mac, and it being in my favorite color made it all the more cherished. But, one unprotected powersurge in 2001 electrically blew out the monitor, and since I already excavated it for its hard drive and other parts, it’s a mere shell of its former self. So, I want to mod it. More specifically, I want to repurpose it, change it into something creative. There’s always the standard Mac Aquarium…

It’s a workable idea since I have fish, but I already have a working tank so it might be a little redundant. And, truth be known, a whole lot of people have done this mod. I could go the more functional route and make it into a trash basket…

Nah. Too undignified. And not too terribly creative. I was thinking about handing it over to my cat for a place of lounging…

Of the three, I’m rather fond of this one. But, I’m wanting to give it a great deal more thought (including a couple of other ideas I have, which I’ve yet to see done elsewhere) before I commit the iMac to its new life.

What do YOU think would be a fun mod along these lines? (And, yes, any anti-Mac/Apple snarkiness will be promptly deleted before posting.)


  1. Mistress Noel says:

    Awe, I must say I’m rather partial to that kitty bed! Adorable.

    You could also make it into a potter. I see it in the kitchen with a lovely African Violet to match the case or herbs creeping out.

  2. Mr.Obsidian says:

    I think it would be neat to turn it into some manner of showcased gaff–a new spin on the embalmed fetus jar, or perhaps
    a human-faced fish
    , the outré rejoinder to the popular Macquarium. With some cleverly-rigged lighting effects, the end result could be impressive. Of course, my idea won’t garner the cat’s vote.

  3. Undead Molly says:

    Eat it! Break it up into a million teeny, tiny pieces and just eat a handful of them every day until it’s gone. And document the whole process, of course.

  4. vchrist says:

    I like the fish tank approach, something that has a little more to it than just treating it as little more than an empty box. Maybe what you should do is make some kind of modified electronics thing out of it that’s NOT computer-oriented. Build a stereo into it, or an old B&W TV… something with wires, and lights, and buttons and a plug. You can turn any pickle jar into a fish tank!

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