Hungarians Weigh In On BTDM

Curious as to why one of my referral links was coming from Hungary, I discovered that a short discussion on my first book, Bearing The Devil’s Mark, was transpiring on a Hungarian site devoted to Satanism. Since it was in a language I don’t speak, I used one of those online translators. The following is an abridged version of that translation…

Kétvirág: In brief superb writing. Only from financial reasons I do not buy all of the books outlined by you moströgtön. Did you not think of a bookseller orbit yet?

Deimoss: I have the right to this in exchange of me anyway, but the financial obstacles are averted soon fortunately. From among these writings I heard it about a lot already, but I postponed the order only. The article with an absolute inspiring effect, the draughting (ill. the translation) everywhere necessarily unambiguous, gratula.

Kétvirág: -Izé, now immediately… True, that I wrote the greatness of the urge as one word deliberately to be illustrated, but then.

So, I’m thinking they liked the book. Or just excited to get it. Or something.


Matt G. Paradise is Executive Director of Purging Talon, a media company responsible for releasing groundbreaking and often imitated audio, video, print, and Web work since 1993, including the internationally respected Satanic magazine, Not Like Most. Paradise is also a Magister in the Church of Satan and, since the early-1990s, has also done media representative work for the CoS through all major media forms — network television, radio, print publications, and the Internet. He is the author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark, a collection of writings on Satanism; as well as editor of The Book of Satanic Quotations (First and Second Editions). He was also producer and co-host of Terror Transmission, a horror movie commentary podcast; and is currently the producer and host of three podcasts (The Accusation Party, Vintage Vinyl Vivisection and Strange Moments in Cultural History) on The Accusation Network.

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