So, get this: Warrington Gillette, one of two primary actors who played Jason in Friday The 13th Part 2, showed up at a launch party for the new FT13 redux in full Jason regalia… and then was attacked by an attendee, who might have thought he was some sort of actual psycho. A few notes about this story…

1) Gillette only played Jason during the “jump scare” scene at the near end of the movie, when the character leaps through the cabin window and grabs at Ginny (see pic above). Pretty much the rest of Jason’s appearance was done by Steve Dash (somewhat explained in both this interview and this interview but very explained in this interview). It’s a long story why Gillette specifically gets the onscreen credit and Dash doesn’t, but Gillette has taken it upon himself to attend numerous horror conventions over the years, heavily implying through omission and smooth talk that he was the only Jason in Part 2. I saw a panel discussion on video with him (an extra from the His Name Was Jason DVD documentary reviewed previously on Diabologue) and when asked who his favorite kill was as Jason, he named Ginny — even if Ginny doesn’t die, but of course that’s the only interaction his portrayal has. Sleazy and misleading, to say the least.

2) Gillette wears a hockey mask to the party, a component of Jason’s ensemble that doesn’t appear until Part 3, which is the movie after Gillette’s fleeting appearance. Maybe Richard Brooker (the actual Jason from Part 3) should look into this, too? I could also get picky about his choice of weapon not being the trademarked machete, but this detail will suffice.

3) There’s an undeniable smack of poetic justice here, which will definitely tip off more FT13 fans to the Gillette/Dash kerfuffle.