A Simple Tour of MGP’s Day Job Desk

  1. The desk is black. I like that. It is also neat and orderly. My officemate’s desk directly in front of mine might not be as much. Let’s just say folks know which desk is mine right away.
  2. True to my computer nerd roots, I have a dead hard drive as a paperweight. And that sticker on my water bottle reads, “Do Not Bend.” Why? There is no reason whatsoever.
  3. Not only is that an IP phone, it has my name and extension all lit up on it. Flanking it are speakers used only for Internet radio. Perhaps one day, I will introduce my officemate to Hate Speech Radio. Or maybe not.
  4. This is my beloved translucent-blue stapler. Using any other just feels wrong. Believe me, I tried to use my boss’s stapler once and I just couldn’t go through with it. I used paper clips that day.
  5. Post-It Note. In fact, LOTS of Post-It Notes. Lots and lots and lots of Post-It Notes (whose contents have been blurred out — corporate secrets, you know). You should see my home office.
  6. I have a mouse pad that looks like a Persian rug, both here and at home. It’s like a little magic carpet for my mouse, except that it isn’t.
  7. My iPod, packed to the brim with podcasts, audiobooks, and, on the rare occasion, actual music. It even fits perfectly in my left vest pocket (my left, not yours) for easy access and portability. My iPod provides the soundtrack to all of my work-related tasks. And, yes, my tasks need — nay, demand — a soundtrack.

Thank you for taking the MGP Day Job Desk Tour.


Matt G. Paradise is Executive Director of Purging Talon, a media company responsible for releasing groundbreaking and often imitated audio, video, print, and Web work since 1993, including the internationally respected Satanic magazine, Not Like Most. Paradise is also a Magister in the Church of Satan and, since the early-1990s, has also done media representative work for the CoS through all major media forms — network television, radio, print publications, and the Internet. He is the author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark, a collection of writings on Satanism; as well as editor of The Book of Satanic Quotations (First and Second Editions). He was also producer and co-host of Terror Transmission, a horror movie commentary podcast; and is currently the producer and host of three podcasts (The Accusation Party, Vintage Vinyl Vivisection and Strange Moments in Cultural History) on The Accusation Network.

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