Goodnight, Captain Chaos

Dom DeLuise (1933-2009)

As a kid, I had developed a somewhat cohesive list in my head of movies that I really and truly love. Not a list guided by the critics or audience approval or even gauged by the judgment of my peers, but one that is all my own. Lesser people transparently call them “guilty pleasures” but I call them awesome. And in the upper echelon of MGP favorite films is a little number known as Cannonball Run II.

While I do enjoy the first installment of this series (foolishly labeled a Burt Reynolds vehicle, no pun intended), it is the second movie that reigns supreme. It’s like someone took an already scrumptious dish of ice cream and poured on such an overload of sundae confections that it would make even Willy Wonka shudder (were this to be less of a metaphor and more of a literal statement, of course). Did you like the hot girls in the first movie? Well, in CR II, you get HOTTER girls! How about Sammy and Dino? Well, in this one, you get Sammy, Dino, AND Frank! And who does the end credits song in this one? For the love of all things small and disposable, it’s Menudo! And, let’s not forget the return of… Captain Chaos!

Yes, the Dommer (my nickname for him that I just spontaneously invented, and not to be confused with this guy) is no longer with us, but he leaves us with the indelible, if not slightly disturbing, image of a chubby mustachioed man in a yellow and orange super-outfit, fighting crime… other than speeding vehicle violations, of course. You say that you’ve never witnessed the majesty of Captain Chaos? Well, then, watch the video below and you too will believe that a fat man can fly. Or just be really, really funny. You choose.


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