The Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs Is DEAD!


Well, it appears that the worst has happened. The mighty Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs, previously rumored to be having a mere makeover, has been completely transmogrified into a lowly shill for antiques! Gone are His emblematic red and white colors, His sturdy cup and His rigid wiener, and even His crown of paper has been revoked. From a June 2009 entry on the Roadside America website:

The Iberville Muffler Man has gotten a makeover. He no longer holds the Coke & hot dog and he wears a ballcap instead of a cook’s paper hat. He now promotes the antiques place which has replaced the restaurant behind him. To be technical, he is at: 625 Rte 133, Ste-Anne-de-Sabrevois, QC. [Debra Jane Seltzer, 06/18/2009]

It is a sad day for all who partook of his nourishment. We remember fondly all of the tasty dogs, the goofy pictures, the impromptu songs, and, of course, His foreboding adieu to those exiting His presence: “The Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs bids you farewell… but I will HAUNT YOUR DREAMS!” Indeed, you will, big fella. Indeed, you will.


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