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Surveillance – A crime thriller directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch. I mention that because her father’s influence is there, but the former very much makes a movie that’s also her own (with a bit of a Coen Brothers vibe, as well). Differing accounts of an accident given to two FBI agents shed light on a string of murders in New Mexico, providing some plot twists — some predictable, some very much not. Worth watching.

Mum and Dad
– We’ve seen the killer family before, from Spider Baby to Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Mother’s Day to Frontiers, etc. This certainly follows some established territory, bringing in the gore but also with some laughs. If you’re not completely tired of this set-up, then you might enjoy this. It has its moments, but not in spades.

Grace – Comparisons to It’s Alive will be made, but it’s fair to say that this bloodthirsty zombie baby is actually rather creepy and the storyline keeps your attention. The premise might sound hokey, but the execution is surprisingly good. Decent gore and well-shot. Check it out.

Book of Blood
– Following the not-so-great Midnight Meat Train comes another Clive Barker story that doesn’t successfully translate to the Big Screen — this one, being a haunted house tale with a twist. It’s not utterly horrible but it’s in no way good, either. It feels like a mediocre Masters of Horror episode, if you have that little reference in mind. Will someone please take a Barker tale and make a movie on it that comes even reasonably close to the masterpiece that is Hellraiser? Please? He deserves better than this.

Irreversible – This is viewing number two for this one, just making sure I disliked it as much as the first time. And I did. Characters you don’t care about, a story that plods along (albeit, in reverse), obnoxious camerawork, and an extended rape scene for shock. Big deal. France has given us much better offerings this decade, to be sure. This movie tries too hard and ends up pretentious and empty.

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