Linkdump: 11/28/09

November 28, 2009 MGP 0

So, just how neurotic ARE you? Are you THIS neurotic? Words From The Third Side… now in stunning, hi-tech, and futuristic digital format! Of course, you do want a stunning Baphomet wall plaque to go with that before they all run out, right? Is it a dog, or is it a cow? Could it be both? Well, to that I say, Moof! Hard to believe, I know, but people do […]

What’s Next On Terror Transmission?

November 21, 2009 MGP 0

Jason seems rather shocked that you cannot figure out what movie we’ll be commenting upon in the next episode of Terror Transmission. Certainly, you’ve deciphered the hint we gave on our Twitter feed? I mean, that’s all you need until 1 December 2009 when Episode 9 posts to the site. Can you wait that long?

85% Christian? Oh, That’s A Good One!

November 19, 2009 MGP 1

Is it real TV… or The Onion? The lines these days do blur… Aside from the simple-minded processing going on amongst the hosts (no doubt mistaken by the sheep as “insightful”), the whining and thinly-veiled victim-play going on here is candid, drastic, and certainly amusing. It’s the epitome of the metaphorical “last gasp.” And drawing the entitlement card was fairly effective about 25 years ago when it was coming out […]