To 2010… The Year Forty-Five!

MGP In 2009 – A Retrospective

Had a great birthday celebration in NYC in 2009 with friends coming from a number of different locales. Also, attended an event in Philly that same trip, saw the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, and other mind-bendingly exciting things like that. Oh, yeah, and whipped cream, female nudity, birthday cake, messy towels, blah, blah, blah. Those Long Islanders sure know how to entertain a fella.

Got an iPhone. Changed my life. There, I said it.

Three-and-a-half years smoke free, which might be the last reference to that status here. Mentioning it on New Year posts to come seems awfully redundant, like talking about an ex-girlfriend who’s long since gone. So, unless it’s a needed part of a post’s context or if I’m asked, I think we can just assume non-smoking is a reliable pattern of mine and move on.

As reported last year, I delved into UNIX and will continue to do so when applicable, but the greater news in and around my ongoing tech interests is that I’d gone back to school — the very same school from which I got my first degree almost a decade ago. First semester done, and with some solid grades. Now, on to more classes and taking advantage of the obscene amount of perks local businesses throw at us college students ever looking for good deals. Feels good to be back, too. I enjoy learning, picking up new skills, and all of that. And at a much better age to appreciate it.

The main project started in 2009 under the banner of Purging Talon is our first ever podcast, Terror Transmission. Various posts throughout this blog can attest to the fact that both my show partner and I are enjoying what we’re doing. We have 11 episodes in the pipe so far, with many more to come. You might have missed it, but we recently set up a YouTube account for the show. More on that later in the post.

School and podcast took my time away from book production this year, but I did work on two currently unfinished ones here and there. That’s something.

Purging Talon turned 16 this past Halloween! Who’d a thunk it?

Worked a great deal on my Bachelor Pad. Bought, stained, polyurethaned, and constructed a loft bed, whose underside is the very “command center” office space from which I type these blog posts. My living room is nearing “completion” — still waiting for tax returns to get a new couch/sleeper sofa and (maybe) chair set, so long as I can find a couch to my liking in this state. End of year had me (and still does have me) working on the kitchen now. I need to go to some weird antique stores to find the accents (for lack of a more masculine term) that I need. If only I had my own “Personal Molly” to aid me in these quests. Oh, well.

All in all, the Bachelor Pad is a swingin’ work in progress, but it’s coming along. I will achieve aesthetic and functional perfection with this place if it kills me.

Also… the Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs was sadly defeated and replaced. A moment of reverence, a lifetime of haunted dreams.

MGP in 2010 – A Projection

New project in the works with some folks whose names will be familiar to some of you. It’s hush for now but will no doubt surface in the coming months, if not weeks. Since I’m a part of the project, then trust me, you’ll be bombarded with news on it when the time comes.

Jason and I have some tentative horror convention plans this summer for Terror Transmission, which, if happening, will somehow manifest as material for the show or the YouTube channel or both. Stay tuned. Also, we have the next seven movies chosen to comment upon for the show, and we’re thrilled to be bringing those to you. Somehow, we never seem to run out of the good ones. Or, if they’re bad, we’re so darn charming and witty that no one ever notices. Evidently, we’re also rather modest.

It’s been a long time since I did any video work, so I might try to do some of that this year. I don’t even remember the last time I fired up Final Cut Pro, but I do know that I need to buy a new version that’ll run on an Intel Mac. Technology races past this old man sometimes.

More school, including summer sessions. Somehow, I couldn’t argue away my learning institution’s insistence upon making me take accounting as part of my degree. I know they’re wrong, but I’ll humor them this time and just take it. That’s maturity, right there.

There are other more personal goals for the year, but you don’t need those. In closing, I’d like to wish my readers a Happy New Year, and a particularly prosperous one to only people that I like. How’s that?

End of line.

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