FIX – Ministry Documentary Trailer

FIX – THE MINISTRY MOVIE TRAILER #1 from Gigantic Pictures on Vimeo.

Separating the fact that I’ve more or less enjoyed the music of Ministry in the past, this trailer reminds me of so many reasons why I bailed out on music scene nonsense, being in bands, putting up with clubs, etc. Throughout the above clip, there is that desperate attempt to appear “cool” through abhorrent behavior that should impress no one who rightfully holds the title of mature adult. There is also something so undeniably retarded about bragging up your glorified self-destructiveness and chemically-veiled weaknesses, let alone doing it in your 30s or 40s, that it simply boggles the mind. And at 51, Mr. Jourgensen, your redundancy in this area is beyond pathetic.

And I don’t mean that as a simple pejorative. What I see, as do undoubtedly many, is a sad old man’s lame attempt to bang damaged teen goths (despite the feigned disinterest) and run from old age by hiding behind such transparently insecure and pretentious statements as being “dangerously close to intelligent.” And how utterly innocuous is Navarro with his whole my-friends-are-tough-guys inference. As if anyone of any relevance cares. And to punctuate it all, we drag out the bloated corpse of Timothy Leary and the near-corpse of William Burroughs (two other drug addict losers) for interview time. Remember in the ’90s when it was trendy to read (or say you read) their stuff? No? Good, then time has done its job of pushing them into a deserved obsolescence. And as for Ministry…

Sorry, fellas, but you’ve been residing in the rock refuse bin alongside the ’80s hair bands for a while now, and all this video absurdity shows is what I’d sadly witnessed among certain folks from music scenes of which I was once a part: a total refusal to accept the hard fact that your youth is long over, your recklessness is no longer cute or condoned, and you impress only the very few — the last, largely consisting of the weak and the stupid. You’re the Spinal Tap of industrial. Except that those chaps aren’t real and your shenanigans do not an entertaining documentary make. Yes, even if turned to 11.

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