Movie Review Quick Cuts

The Butcher – Over-hyped Korean torture film that’s trying way too hard to shock and gross out — so much so that it becomes a laughable mess. It also desperately pilfers tropes from a bunch of gore pictures, also to no real ends. I would be embarrassed to even have my name associated with this inept production.

Trick ‘r Treat – You know what? I really liked it. Certainly, most horror anthology films aren’t exactly brilliant and, mostly, neither is this one. But, it’s fun and spooky and could end up getting pulled out every so many Halloweens for future viewing. And who doesn’t have lurid fantasies of Anna Paquin dressed as Little Red Riding Hood? A solid rent, possibly a buy. (Also, not to be confused with Trick or Treat, the 1986 heavy metal horror masterpiece. See that one, too, by the way.)

Murder Loves Killers Too – A highly unoriginal premise (teens stay in cabin, run into killer, get picked off one by one), but the killer in this one is so darn charming and quirky and occasionally funny that he carries things along to an entertaining end. Some will enjoy the rental.

Night of the Creeps – I’ve got good news and bad news for you, readers. The good news is that this classic ’80s sci-fi/horror flick got a new DVD release. The bad news? Well, there isn’t any! But, prepare to bow to the mesmerizing machismo of Tom Atkins as he investigates zombie-creating alien slugs making a mess of his town. Oh, yes. It is indeed Miller time! First rent, then BUY!

The Hills Run Red – The plot is clever in parts, hackneyed in others. And the acting, often enough, is fairly wooden and phoned-in. Barring that, it’s an acceptable slasher-in-the-woods movie for a casual renting. William Sadler’s in it, and that’s probably the best part of the picture. Other than that, nothing particularly amazing here.

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