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The Other – There’s something a wee bit odd about the Perry twins. Seems that Niles and Holland have a rather strange connection, one that runs far deeper and more sinister than one would imagine. Perfectly crafted ’70s “creepy kids” flick taking place on a Connecticut farm in the 1930s, a plot of land rife with unexplained accidents. What’s wrong with those damn kiddies, you might ask? Well, watch the movie and find out!

The Stepfather – How I missed this one back in the ’80s is beyond me. A tight little thriller whose age holds up rather well almost 25 years later. Our titular lead character, Jerry Blake (played by the highly underrated and very creepy Terry O’Quinn) likes to have an orderly family, even if he has to “correct” them, as that old Grady guy in The Shining said. Oh, and Jason was once more spot on. I am now a faithful convert to the glorious glisteningly nude perfection that is Jill Schoelen. If I was a Muslim, I would definitely want 72 of her to have when I die. Since I’m not, I’ll take one right now.

The Final Destination – As far as this Hollywood teen horror romp of a franchise goes, the least worst one is the third. Since this is the fourth installment, you can imagine that it didn’t go as well. More specifically, it’s a tired melange of revisited plot devices from the others, with even more vapid characters and a truly unsatisfying end. Oh, and the special effects are atrocious. At least the third one had that marvelous death-by-tanning-bed sequence. Maybe that’s what made number three tolerable?

Saw VI – Speaking of pilfering from itself to exhaustive ends, this latest chapter in the Jigsaw saga, while having some interesting moments, is otherwise a series of murder set pieces and some storyline tie-ups to connect it to the other five movies. Truth be known, I really love Jigsaw as a character, but the last three scripts haven’t really utilized him to his full potential. And the Detective Hoffman story arc? Still showing itself to be a mistake. This isn’t the worst of the six, but it’s really up there.

The House of the Devil – Talked about this one a bit on the podcast, but I’ll try to encapsulate it again for the kids who say they tune in but really don’t: As an obvious homage to early ’80s low-budget slashers, we have the co-ed stuck in a creepy house who finds out its horrible secret and becomes victim to it towards the end. Visually appealing in the retro sense, but falls flat on its anemic plot and the reveal sequence really seems tacked on and clumsy.

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