Radio Free Satan certainly has a few metal shows. In fact, so many eons ago, even I did a metal show on RFS, which a few of you might remember or, more cheekily, have “memories” of. At any rate, there are more than a couple of shows that wave the headbanger flag on said station and that might be a good thing, depending upon your proclivities. So, what’s a program to do if it plays the heavy stuff and wants to stand out from the rest?

Well, grab a Brit (Dave Ingram, ex-Benediction and ex-Bolt Thrower vocalist) and a Yank (some guy named Donovan Spenceley), throw them in a room together, and let them have free rein to offer live commentary over a stack of metal and near-metal offerings. Oh, yeah, and beer. Don’t forget beer. And you could even call it Metal Breakfast Radio (which would be convenient, considering that’s the show name.) Much of the music they comment on is actually submitted to their show by the respective bands, a truly brave lot to have their tracks publicly dissected and, often enough, “exterminated.” And don’t forget the pop culture sound samples rapidly interjecting throughout. Because they are definitely there.

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I stuff my face full of Lucky Charms in the morning, so what do I know? What I DO know is that Metal Breakfast Radio is hosted by two blokes who know their metal and frequently have some spot-on cheers and jeers for the acts that dare to stretch out their necks upon the virtual chopping block. Fans of the genre should crack open a cold one, give MBR a spin, and see if it sticks.

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