The New Sofa Dilemma

That $3,500 beauty above is not it. Don’t be dumb.

But, for regular visitors to my abode, I am getting a new one. Newer, better, softer, same size, and it’s a sleeper sofa, too. Would order it tomorrow, but I’m currently plotting on the best way to cat-proof my $1,100 investment. Choices are faux-leather or upholstery. And, yes, I’ve measured the space. It’s been weeks now. Still thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

I will take any suggestion that isn’t A) get a (new) scratching post, B) put a slipcover on it (it’s a sleeper sofa, remember), C) have my cat de-clawed, D) clip my cat’s claws (which she won’t allow for a second), and E) get rid of my cat. It’s not scratching post replacement fears, it’s deep paw-kneading-with-claws issues. I’m looking for a good idea that has a minimum of compromises, is comfortable, isn’t crazy-priced, and will withstand the inadvertent attention of my feline’s main weapons of attack.

Suggest away…

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