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The Box – A complete waste of time. I thought Frank Langella would make it at least tolerable, but the lifeless acting from everyone else and a plot that goes from promising to dull to unbelievably stupid very quickly relegates this one to the bargain bin no one wants to go near. Whoever wrote this script should be shot. No, actually start with Cameron Diaz first.

Black Dynamite – Send-up to ’70s blaxploitation flicks starts out being quite entertaining and fun, but soon enough takes a completely sharp turn into pretentious self-awareness. This might just be the jumping-the-shark of the retro-parody film trend. Say goodnight, Foxy.

Transsiberian – Decent if not slightly unoriginal thriller plot of an American couple slowly pulled into murder and intrigue after they meet another, albeit suspicious couple on a train through Russia. Enjoyed watching these “babes in the woods” get taken further and further out of their comfort zones and into unsafe territory, especially the rather convincing Harrelson in the unexpected role of the naive and hapless hubby. The ending was only mildly satisfying, but getting there was rather fun. A strong rent.

Sorority Row – Did I just watch another horror remake? Yeah, I did. Hard to say that this was an improvement on the original, considering that The House on Sorority Row (1983) isn’t exactly astounding itself. But, there are a couple of interesting turns on this slightly changed plot and it has a better ending. The beginning is painful, but it gains some ground later on. In short, it’s okay as a rent, but don’t expect a lot. And I certainly can’t be the only delinquent who gets a giggle when a sorority has “Pi” in its name. I’ll drink to that!

Where The Wild Things Are (2009) – Absolutely LOVED it! A true testament to outsider youth (in this case, pre-teen), the strength of being that outsider, and reveling in it. Seems like a children’s movie on the surface, but it’s a bit rough for the under-7 crowd. And certainly more than just a parade of life-sized puppets for the cheap amusement of the Disney crowd. It’s got a very real psychological heart to it, and sometimes that heart is a tad black. I might just buy it.

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