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Pirate Radio – Great indie comedy about ’60s British rock DJs running a pirate radio station on a ship somewhere in the North Sea. Funny, touching, and triumphant. Great performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris O’Dowd (of IT Crowd fame) and Kenneth Branagh. A lot of fun. Recommended, and a possible buy.

The Collector – The premise was promising: desperate man breaks into house to steal jewel, finds occupants tied up by a serial killer who’s rigged the house with various traps, and now the thief becomes the prey. There are some clever (if not improbable) moments here, but all of the poor-quality Saw worship and passionless plot really bog it down. And, believe me, this “collector” is no Jigsaw — either living or dead version.

Antichrist – More of a surreal psychological tale of man’s (or, perhaps, woman’s) dark side than a strict horror movie, Antichrist follows a couple whose child dies, the couple goes to a cabin in the woods to get away and get themselves together, and then the craziness begins. Aside from showing actual sexual penetration, the pretentiousness of over-the-top shock attempts in general tends to distract, and the plot is somewhat thin. The biggest shock, being that Willem Dafoe is in it. Okay at best.

Deadgirl – Torture, necrophilia, rape, bondage, mutilation, and forced prostitution of the undead? Yes, this movie is all of that, and it wants you to know it, too. Two high school boys stumble upon a naked and restrained woman in the basement of an abandoned building — a woman later discovered to be a de facto zombie. So, they spend a lot of time thinking of mindless ways to violate the poor thing. More sick than scary, and not for everyone.

Choke – How to explain this one… Victor has a mom in a mental ward and is also banging her “doctor.” He also feigns choking in public to gain sympathy and then money to pay Mom’s hospital bill. He’s also a sex addict and attends a 12-step program for such, mostly to have bathroom sex with another addict. Of course, there’s also something else that’s off about Victor, leading to his own secret, which all gets wrapped up along with all of the other plot threads at the end. A little scattered and plodding, but has some moments of interest. Sam Rockwell is still likable in a weird way.

Daybreakers – Another blue-lensed Hollywood horror flick, this one about a plague that’s turned the majority of humans into vampires, and the struggle for survival amidst a dwindling supply of blood. The twist, of sorts, is the development of a blood substitute as well as a painful cure, and the conflict between corporate and personal interests therein. It’s a simple popcorn movie with a very stylized future look to it, so don’t expect anything groundbreaking. Sam Neill’s appearances are probably the best parts of this movie.

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