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Do You Like Hitchcock? – Dario Argento visits a number of Hitchcock tropes in this murder mystery, but also attempts to remind folks of the director’s ’70s work a la giallo. This one’s far more plot focused and less psychedelic than Argento’s classic work, and there will be times when it seems like someone else made this movie. It’s decent in parts and has a couple of legitimately suspenseful moments but not a standout Argento flick by any means. Argentophiles might want to see it at least once, though.

Murder Set Pieces – A complete waste of time. Deplorable acting, boring plot, and inane dialogue that’s trying so hard to be deep, it’s laughable. But, there’s tons of gore — which won’t even matter once you’re subjected to even five minutes of this pointless and empty story.

Goodbye Gemini – Fairly fun ’70s British exploitation romp about two swinging (and borderline incestuous) siblings who fall prey to a blackmailing bisexual, and the subsequent revenge plot that ensues. Nudity’s a bit scarce, if that matters. Worth watching if you need a taste of the sub-genre this UK sleazy period piece comes from, but a pinch tame compared to similar productions, especially those from Italy.

Scandal Sheet – Crime drama from the ’50s about a newspaperman (Broderick Crawford) whose wife finds him 20 years after he ditched her, resulting in her dead in a hotel room struggle. After attempting a cover-up, the man finds that the reporters under his employ are slowly unraveling the killer’s identity. Taut, suspenseful, and full of twists, Scandal Sheet is well worth the watch.

Kick Ass – Could have easily been a disaster in the hands of some typical comic book adaptation-for-film director, but thankfully takes a different route. I’m not familiar with the source material, but the story of a nerdy teen turned superhero and the inspiration his transformation serves in creating other costumed crusaders proved to be an unexpectedly good time. Nicholas Cage gives his usual disposable performance, but the rest of the cast provide a fun, awkward, relatable, and vicarious couple of hours for any kid who’s donned the cape and mask, wondering what evil lurks while the city sleeps. More language and violence than you’d expect, whether that’s a deterrent or a draw for you.

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