iOS 4.2 Is OUT!

Although I haven’t tried it yet (and I do have a number of devices into which to load it), the long-awaited 4.2 update for iOS is now available from Apple. (Mac|Life has a decent rundown on it, too.) I hope to have some time this extended holiday weekend to give it a go and maybe chat about it here if the spirit moves me. The video embedded above is a little old but covers much of the basics. The one thing the producer would now be incorrect about is the blurb about Ping, which became available for iOS devices even before the 4.2 update. Also of note is the concurrent update for Apple TV, which can be installed in the usual way.

For you 3G owners, the word is that this update improves response time and results in a speedier navigation than 4.0 and even 4.1. (Follow the Google search on the subject.)

Looks like I’ve got a whole lot of downloads and installs to do today…


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