Introducing the iCade!

So, it look like this mini arcade cabinet for the iPad is actually going to happen. Atari even promises to release an impressive number of their vintage titles (like Asteroids) via the iTunes Store at or soon after launch.

Even if they stick with vector-based graphics games, my vote would be for Star Wars, Battlezone and Tempest — all of which, under the Atari license. If Williams jumped in, the required games would have to include Joust, Defender, Sinistar and, my favorite of theirs, Robotron.

And, since the sequel is still fresh on the Big Screen, why not throw in Tron for good measure?

Of course, what I’d really like to see added is the entire catalog of the sadly-forgotten Vectrex system from the early-’80s, of which this tiny retro case vaguely reminds me. (They also remind me a tad of these ancient handheld games from Coleco — I had the Galaxian one so long ago.) I know, dare to dream of obscure game tech re-releases.

Promotional video for iCade is here. Company site is here.


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