A Clockwork Orange Turns 40!

I cannot tell you just how much I love this film. But I’ll try.

During the VHS heyday of the 1980s, I first saw this then- (and still-) controversial film. I was 16 or thereabouts and it had all of the elements that a marginally rebellious teenager desired: at the fore, sex and violence. But, before all of that, my knowledge of ACO was probably gained from my friend Kim, who was practically obsessed with it. She even knew and could speak fluent NADSAT, the slang-uage of Alex and his droogies of both the film and the original Anthony Burgess novel. It was dangerous, inflammatory, critical of the status quo, and had some really great music in it to boot. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve probably read the book almost a dozen times, and have even enjoyed the audiobook version. I’ve dressed as Alex on more than one Halloween. It’s possible that I’d put this movie on during more than one wooing session with some new gal — all of which, successful sessions, which is either hot or frightening. I pick both.

Anyhoo, the Blu-Ray is coming out late next month. Maybe I’ll actually buy my first Blu-Ray disc. And won’t that be real horrorshow!

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