Is it a place of lodging, or a farm, or a shop for cheap, quality meats? Well, it’s ALL THREE, silly! So, just plant yourself in the secret garden and listen to Terror Transmission’s hypnotic commentary on 1980’s Motel Hell. And if you think Farmer Vincent’s fritters taste strange, wait until you get a load of Matt and Jason as they playfully grind up some movie details, more VHS nostalgia, population control, flirting with cannibalism, how to score damaged chicks, implied incest, fat-kid anger, Jason’s girlfriend’s hummus and various other schemes to lure you into compliance. Too many people, not enough food, but just the right amount of facts and funny. And, best of all… NO preservatives!

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Terror Transmission is a free podcast program dedicated to horror cinema, particularly classics of the genre and/or those hidden gems begging for rediscovery. Each episode, your hosts will select a film and view it, while providing listeners with real-time commentary, behind-the-scenes ephemera, and a dash of ribald humor. This creepy cocktail will then be edited down to its best elements and presented to you. Other material related to the world of horror will also be featured when deemed applicable.