Five years ago, The Satanic Scriptures, a fundamental book on modern-day Satanism, was published. Today the co-publisher and designer is preparing for the release of Las Escrituras Satánicas, the Spanish language edition to be released on Halloween of this year.

A team of 6 translators and proofreaders from just as many different Spanish speaking countries have been at work since January creating the best translation of the book for Spanish speakers across the globe.

Kevin I. Slaughter was not only the co-publisher of the English language edition at Scapegoat, but the designer of it as well. Now he has his own publishing house, Underworld Amusements, that will be releasing Las Escrituras Satánicas. This printing will be the first non-English language version to meet the same high standards in both design and quality of printing and binding that the first edition received. Great care was taken in creating an iconic and stylish design, including an entirely new typographic style for the Rituals.

Kickstarter page for Las Escrituras Satánicas | Facebook page for Underworld Amusements | Underworld Amusements page for Las Escrituras Satánicas project (en Español)