Terror Transmission – Episode 72

Some would say that this world is ruled by demons and monsters, and that we may as well give up right now. Others believe in witchcraft and the supernatural, that evil is good and good is evil. And then there are your handsome hosts, who just want to drink, ogle women and chat about movies. So, true believers, fire up your imagination and get ready for some crafty commentary on 1957’s Night of the Demon. And while we’re not from Missouri, we will indeed show you movie background, boobs, occult conspiracies, the magic of children, skepticism, Jason’s hatred for the Andy Griffith show, psychological curses, dumb Deicide lyrics, playing the odds and… boobs! Once you emerge from the powers of darkness, stay tuned as Matt and Jason share their thoughts on recently-watched movies. Oh, no! It’s in the trees! It’s COMING!

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Terror Transmission is a free podcast program dedicated to horror cinema, particularly classics of the genre and/or those hidden gems begging for rediscovery. Each episode, your hosts will select a film and view it, while providing listeners with real-time commentary, behind-the-scenes ephemera, and a dash of ribald humor. This creepy cocktail will then be edited down to its best elements and presented to you. Other material related to the world of horror will also be featured when deemed applicable.

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Matt G. Paradise is Executive Director of Purging Talon, a media company responsible for releasing groundbreaking and often imitated audio, video, print, and Web work since 1993, including the internationally respected Satanic magazine, Not Like Most. Paradise is also a Magister in the Church of Satan and, since the early-1990s, has also done media representative work for the CoS through all major media forms — network television, radio, print publications, and the Internet. He is the author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark, a collection of writings on Satanism; as well as editor of The Book of Satanic Quotations (First and Second Editions). He was also producer and co-host of Terror Transmission, a horror movie commentary podcast; and is currently the producer and host of two podcasts (The Accusation Party and Strange Moments in Cultural History) on The Accusation Network.