jOBS – Official Trailer

Given that wildly ficticious clip from this upcoming film that circulated months back, I’m not getting my hopes up too much. Even Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak was appalled at the inaccuracy of the clip and holds no optimism for it. But, for as many Hollywood fabrications that will predictably fly, I still want to see it, perhaps as a cultural curiosity, but also because it discusses at least a couple tech heroes of mine and the computer company that got me really interested in pursuing technology as a hobby and a job. I’d also liken it to the original Judge Dredd movie from the 1990s. I was a huge fan of Dredd as a kid and still love that invented world of Mega City One, perps, Lawgivers, and the Cursed Earth. But, the Stallone movie was atrocious and, deep down, I expected such, but I went and saw it anyways because I had that profound connection to the source material. The same might hold here as well, but maybe more so. We’ll see what happens in August…

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