While there are MANY favorites, I feel that these are the ones (listed here in chronological order) that truly hold up for me through the years. And not all of these were “hits.” In fact, some of them were hardly even on the radar for most. But, as any long-standing KISS fan knows, this is a band that isn’t consistently in fashion with the masses and has had its periods of inattention. Utterly unimportant. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that what matters is what matters to me. So, with that…

1. Black Diamond

2. Parasite

3. Strange Ways

4. Two Timer

5. Rock Bottom

6. Makin’ Love

7. I Stole Your Love

8. Charisma

9. Naked City

10. Under The Rose

11. Nowhere To Run

12. War Machine

13. Not For The Innocent

14. See You Tonight [live, from Unplugged]

15. Journey of 1000 Years