The Devil You Know, Episode 6: Interview with Church of Satan High Priestess, Peggy Nadramia

Radix Podcast – A Podcast From A Budapest Jail: National Policy Institute founder Richard Spencer joins masculinity author Jack Donovan in a discussion about Spencer’s 2014 jailing for being “a national security threat” for having a conference on issues of race and nationalism.

The Incomparable, Episode 273 – The Long-Term Plan Is Kill All Humans: The group discusses two films, “Her” and “Ex Machina” while exploring the implications of artificial intelligence and what we might label as Artificial Human Companions.

9sense, 27 September L A.S.: Guest hosts David Harris and Heather Height take this show in an utterly different and hilarious direction — in other words, just like Hate Speech Radio. If you missed that defunct audio trainwreck, then tune in for this.

The Feed (from Libsyn) Special – Google Play Music and Podcasts! – If you’re a podcaster and looking into the benefits of Google Play’s inclusion of podcasts, this special has a lot of good information on this new outlet for shows.