Venom causing havoc on Amanda Redington’s Monsters of Rock show. Aired on Sky Channel, Christmas 1985.

A fun bit about this program from Mick Wall’s book, Getcha Rocks Off: Sex & Excess. Bust-Ups & Binges. Life & Death on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Road

The other unforeseen benefit of writing for Kerrang! was that it led, in 1985, to my presenting a weekly rock show on the fledgling Sky channel. I fell into TV presenting and fell out again just as easily. I never felt I had any sort of career in it, until right near the end when people kept telling me how good I was at it. Just before the same people told me the show was cancelled.

It was the fledgling days of Sky in the mid-eighties, before most people in Britain had even heard of Sky, when cable and satellite TV was barely off the ground in America, let alone the Old Country. You could get it in Europe, across twenty-three countries, where the most popular show on the channel was Mister Ed, the Talking Horse.

They also did a weekly show they called Monsters of Rock, a bunch of heavy metal videos linked by a pretty blonde twenty-three-year-old named Amanda Redington. Amanda dressed in all the mid-eighties hair-metal gear but didn’t know anything about the music. She was a professional presenter who would end up fronting GMTV breakfast a few years later. Good for her. So Sky decided to bring in someone with some rock ‘cred’. They asked Geoff Barton to come on as a guest one week. But Geoff said no, he didn’t fancy it, but why didn’t they ask me? I was a pushy little show-off.

So on I went, acted like I knew something while trying not to stare at Amanda’s tits, and went home again with £25 stuffed in my pocket…