About MGP/Diabologue

Matt G. Paradise is Executive Director of Purging Talon, a media company responsible for releasing groundbreaking and often imitated audio, video, print, and Web work since 1993, including the internationally respected Satanic magazine, Not Like Most. Paradise is also a Magister in the Church of Satan and, since the early-1990s, has also done media representative work for the CoS through all major media forms — network television, radio, print publications, and the Internet. He is the author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark, a collection of writings on Satanism; as well as editor of The Book of Satanic Quotations (First and Second Editions). He was also producer and co-host of Terror Transmission, a horror movie commentary podcast; and is currently the producer and host of two podcasts (Vintage Vinyl Vivisection and Strange Moments in Cultural History) as well as at least five video shows (The Vinyl Reacquisition ProjectQ&A With MGP, Short Cuts, MGP Reacts!, and The Record Store Report) on The Accusation Network.

Diabologue has been continuously online since 1997 (back when it was merely called The Official Matt G. Paradise Website), before all of this blog madness or even before there was such a term for it. Through this medium, I post items of interest to me. Some of those includes Satanism, technology, horror movies, the human condition, video production, missteps of the God religions, and, of course, each and every one of my own media creations. The name of the site is pronounced dee-AH-bo-log, and not DIE-ah-BAWL-og. The latter pronunciation makes you sound like a moron. Do not be that moron.