Adam West (1928-2017)

June 11, 2017 MGP 0

“Atomic batteries to power! Turbines to speed!” Despite the literally dozen of movies and over 100 television roles (some as short-lived as a single episode), Adam West will be known, for better or worse, as TV’s Batman. When most people over 30 hear his name, there is only one image that comes to mind — one dressed in that iconic cape and cowl. Perhaps, that singular fame bothered him. But, […]

Why I’m Breaking My No-Voting Rule This Season

November 6, 2016 MGP 0

For the last 30 years during which I’ve been eligible to vote in any election, I’d never done so. I’d never so much as registered to vote. I’d never thought about voting or wanted to vote or felt there was any reason to vote. My view on the political system was that there would never be a candidate who would represent (or even appear to represent) enough or even some […]

The Accusation Party – AP1: All Hail Inequality!

February 19, 2016 MGP 0

Purging Talon proudly presents its latest project: The Accusation Party. Serving as an audio podcast, The Accusation Party represents critical thought and analysis with a complete disregard for mainstream censure. It is total free speech — no trigger warnings, no political correctness, no privilege checking, no cultural inclusiveness. Nothing is sacred. None will be spared. The inaugural episode focuses on the myth of human equality, with insight from Friedrich Nietzsche, […]

It’s A Very VENOM Christmas!

December 23, 2015 MGP 0

Venom causing havoc on Amanda Redington’s Monsters of Rock show. Aired on Sky Channel, Christmas 1985. A fun bit about this program from Mick Wall’s book, Getcha Rocks Off: Sex & Excess. Bust-Ups & Binges. Life & Death on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Road… The other unforeseen benefit of writing for Kerrang! was that it led, in 1985, to my presenting a weekly rock show on the fledgling Sky channel. […]

Podcast Roundup: December 2015

December 6, 2015 MGP 0

The Devil You Know, Episode 6: Interview with Church of Satan High Priestess, Peggy Nadramia Radix Podcast – A Podcast From A Budapest Jail: National Policy Institute founder Richard Spencer joins masculinity author Jack Donovan in a discussion about Spencer’s 2014 jailing for being “a national security threat” for having a conference on issues of race and nationalism. The Incomparable, Episode 273 – The Long-Term Plan Is Kill […]

MGP’s 15 Favorite KISS Songs

November 21, 2015 MGP 0

While there are MANY favorites, I feel that these are the ones (listed here in chronological order) that truly hold up for me through the years. And not all of these were “hits.” In fact, some of them were hardly even on the radar for most. But, as any long-standing KISS fan knows, this is a band that isn’t consistently in fashion with the masses and has had its periods […]

Hell’s Club: The Mashup

September 6, 2015 MGP 0

There is a place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time, outside of all logic, this place is known as HELL’S CLUB. But this club is not safe… Terminator vs. Tony Montana vs. Tom Cruise vs. Carlito Brigante vs. Blade vs. John Travolta vs. Al Pacino vs. Pinhead vs. the Mask vs. Robocop vs. Darth Vader vs. Michael Jackson. Others, too. See who YOU can spot! Other mashups from […]

MGP’s Top 20 Favorite Films

July 12, 2015 MGP 0

Criteria: 1) movies I’ve loved since seeing them and love just as much (if not more) now, 2) movies I would watch if someone asked or offered, at any time, and 3) movies I know will stay loved by me until the day I die. So, here is the list in no order of importance because I love them all… Flash Gordon (1980): This movie marks a couple of milestones […]