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Social Justice Kittens 2015 Calendar

It comes down to this: Do you want to financially support the ideals embodied by this unique, functional gift, or refuse to purchase a copy and become a hateful fake ally who actively embraces injustice and the murder of innocents? The choice is yours. More pics from this brilliant prank-for-profit can be found here.

William Mortensen: American Grotesque and The Command To Look

from Wikipedia: His arguments defending romanticism photography led him to be “ostracized from most authoritative canons of photographic history.” In an essay, Larry Lytle wrote “Due to his approach—both technically and philosophically in opposition to straight or purist adherents — he is amongst the most problematic figures in photography in the twentieth-century… historians and critics …

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Graveyard Girls 2014 Calendar – OUT NOW!

from the official website: Printed on 100 lb gloss, this collection of bewitching Pin-Ups is presented to you in stunning color on a full-sized 12″ X 24″ surface – the better to see them with! Each month features a doting representation of our winsome wenches alongside a personal quote, an array of Pagan and otherwise …

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The Dark Side – Episode 1: Ouija Boards

My old pal, Joe Netherworld has a new Web series discussing the Dark Side of the Strange and Supernatural — filmed at the House of Netherworld, an 18-room mansion in upstate NY filled with a collection of cursed, haunted or rare items. This episode features Ouija Boards and one particular board in the collection, one …

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“Sexy Satan” by DJ Slut featuring Tibbie X

ReasonTV: Coop Interview

Reason’s Brian Doherty sat down with internationally renowned underground artist, Chris “Coop” Cooper in Reason’s LA studios to discuss everything from intellectual property and censorship to the inspiration for Coop’s radical art project.

Stay Down Here – EP005

Kevin’s going the direct sell route with some of his book titles. Click here to check out the selection and maybe buy a couple.

Stay Down Here – EP004

Stay Down Here EP003

What? You missed EP002 because I might have not remembered to link it? Well, I can fix that!

Joe Netherworld – America’s Favorite Satanist

My pal Joe and his wonderful house. A couple other friends also drop in. Enjoy!

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