Teaching “Fuck” in Japan

from the NSFW video’s description: Whilst most Japanese people are aware of English swear words and want to know more, they’re not quite sure on how they’re used and the role they play. Therefore, when I recently heard of a book here in Japan called “Tadashii fuck no tsukaikata” which literally translates, “The Correct Way […]

Tiny Apartment Is 24 Rooms!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always preferred close-knit living quarters and never felt at all at home in large dwellings. I like the feel of small spaces filled with interesting and stimulating… things. It explains my own apartment to a T and the extent to which I’ve gone to also make it efficient […]

Hey MGP! What’s Tasty These Days?

Not puppies. Besides, this isn’t about puppies. It’s about me and how I’m doing. But, how AM I doing? I’ve hardly had enough time to even ask myself that question. Let’s see… No doubt, many of you have noticed the onslaught of Monster Bash associated media over the last so many days. Not only will […]