William Mortensen: American Grotesque and The Command To Look

September 8, 2014 MGP 0

from Wikipedia: His arguments defending romanticism photography led him to be “ostracized from most authoritative canons of photographic history.” In an essay, Larry Lytle wrote “Due to his approach—both technically and philosophically in opposition to straight or purist adherents — he is amongst the most problematic figures in photography in the twentieth-century… historians and critics have described his images as “…anecdotal, highly sentimental, mildly erotic hand-colored prints…”, “…bowdlerized versions of […]

The Compleat Witch: Bibliography Browsing, Part 1

March 6, 2014 MGP 0

Here we have a quick perusal of a handful of random titles from the bibliography of The Compleat Witch (AKA The Satanic Witch) by Anton Szandor LaVey. Please visit compleatwitch.blogspot.com for more information. Much praise to Rev. Daniel Byrd for this entire video/web project.

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

October 12, 2013 MGP 0

Iconic uses vivid color and detail to document Apple’s journey in design, form and function — and looks back at over 35 years of Apple innovation. Four years in the making, the author captured over 150,000 photos of nearly every product Apple has made, including rare prototypes and even packaging. Complementing the photography are forewords and essays from an impressive group of luminaries, commentators and influencers in the Apple community. […]

9Sense Interview with CoS Magistra Blanche Barton

April 30, 2013 MGP 0

Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S. – Warlock Adam P. Campbell sits down with Magistra Templi Rex of the Church of Satan, Blanche Barton, for an intimate and informative conversation about her early family life, exposure to Satanism, meeting her future husband Magus Anton Szandor LaVey, and motherhood. More on Adam’s fine program can be found here.

Too Much Horror Business: Kirk Hammett

January 15, 2013 MGP 0

First heard about this book last year when Hammett was a guest at Chiller Theatre, which I missed attending. The book has received some great reviews at Amazon (take that as you will) as well as kudos from FearNet, an interview/plug with Fangoria and a better look at the inside, courtesy of Rolling Stone. Looks good! Thanks to Daniel Byrd.

Stay Down Here – EP005

September 12, 2012 MGP 0

Kevin’s going the direct sell route with some of his book titles. Click here to check out the selection and maybe buy a couple.

Books: New Acquisitions

August 29, 2012 MGP 0

A few notes: The Satanic Scriptures is the paperback edition. I also have two of the slipcase editions from their initial (and limited) release. Rapid Eye Movement was gotten for $5. Usually goes for considerably more. Shit Magnet, signed by the author. The Victor Book of the Opera — got it half-price, and it’s incredibly well-illustrated! All but Rapid Eye Movement and The Victor Book of the Opera were birthday […]

TalkingStickTV – Adam Parfrey Interview

July 10, 2012 MGP 0

As some of you might know, Feral House has published such official Church of Satan books as The Satanic Witch, The Devil’s Notebook, The Secret Life of a Satanist and Satan Speaks. In this interview, Adam Parfrey largely discusses his company’s more recent release, Ritual America, a book traversing the influence of secret societies.

Las Escrituras Satánicas – The Satanic Scriptures in Spanish

May 2, 2012 MGP 0

Five years ago, The Satanic Scriptures, a fundamental book on modern-day Satanism, was published. Today the co-publisher and designer is preparing for the release of Las Escrituras Satánicas, the Spanish language edition to be released on Halloween of this year. A team of 6 translators and proofreaders from just as many different Spanish speaking countries have been at work since January creating the best translation of the book for Spanish speakers across […]

Stay Down Here EP003

March 30, 2012 MGP 0

What? You missed EP002 because I might have not remembered to link it? Well, I can fix that!

Engadget Distro – Looks Pretty Good!

March 2, 2012 MGP 0

Ran into this one by chance while skimming through articles on my iPad and ended up downloading every issue. The idea is simple enough: take the Engadget content and reformat it as a free digital magazine for mobile devices — particularly tablets. It’s been done before; in fact, Flipboard conceptually does this with RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook posts, and more. What stands out from those previous efforts is the […]