Magic and Madness: The Films of H.P. Lovecraft

August 20, 2008 MGP 2

Today would be the 118th birthday of horror fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft. And although a few of you might be familiar with his Cthulhu Mythos tales from his books, it’s a better bet that you’ve seen at least one film adaptation of his stories in general, perhaps without even knowing it was such. In either case, Lovecraft’s work has had some incredible reach. He has been cited as a strong […]

BTDM Review on Monsters And Critics

August 17, 2008 MGP 0

For our German readers (and, yes, many Germans have a working knowledge of English — some actually learn it in school), my first book, Bearing The Devil’s Mark has been reviewed on the German version of the entertainment news and review website, Monsters and Critics. And it looks like it got 5 out of 5… whatever those symbols are. Click here for actual review. If English is your primary tongue, […]

Nabokov Discusses Lolita (Parts 1 and 2)

August 8, 2008 MGP 0

Last night was the start of my Birthday Week (with the official birthday tomorrow). So, while I’m out and about celebrating, the next seven days of posts will be select video snippets, which I hope you will enjoy. When Birthday Week ends, I may (or may not) share some pics and stories. Until then…

Quotes from The Book of Satanic Quotations

July 18, 2008 MGP 0

“Drugs are great for the slaves, but no good for the Masters. The glories attained through a drug experience are no more valid than the meaningless baubles with which the status-seeking drone surrounds himself… Those who eulogize on unfoldment gained through drugs have obviously been insensitive to such awareness-provoking stimuli as complete sexual fulfillment, beautiful music, inspirational literature, etc. The excuse that certain drugs are a necessary adjunct to the […]

Quotes from “The Great Satan”

July 4, 2008 MGP 3

Happy Independence Day to all of our American readers! And while you’re waving your flags and stuffing your faces with “Bar-B-Q,” consider some very patriotic words from these great American men of history… “I almost shudder at the thought of alluding to the most fatal example of the abuses of grief which the history of mankind has preserved — the Cross. Consider what calamities that engine of grief has produced.” […]

The Book of Satanic Quotations
Press Release

April 1, 2008 MGP 0

In 2002, Purging Talon had released the first edition of The Book of Satanic Quotations. Now, six years later, it will be available in a new SECOND EDITION… professionally bound, color cover, fully indexed, and with many more authors and quotes than its predecessor. Also contained will be classic illustrations of devilry from the past 500+ years and a special new introduction by Purging Talon Executive Director, Matt G. Paradise, […]

Losers, Lookalikes… and Nietzsche, too.

May 17, 2007 MGP 0

There’s a new tard on my bus. No, not of the Down Syndrome variety, but rather the slow and space-cadet strain — something like a functional palsy. He also seems to be somewhat afraid of me, or at least wary of sitting near me. Every ride we’ve shared, he stares at me cautiously as he slinks out of his seat and trots off to one much farther away, rarely breaking […]

Review: Bang Your Head
The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal

July 15, 2005 MGP 0

Upon receiving this book as a gift from a rather thoughtful fan, I was skeptical about a written account of the time period of metal as it was once known, largely because I’ve read countless articles, essays, and interviews by hack music journalists, businesspeople, angry parents, religious nuts, anti-metal hipsters, came-too-lates and every other outsider claiming expert knowledge in one hand while gripping a backstabbing knife in the other. In […]

Review: Lucifer Rising
Sin, Devil Worship & Rock ‘n Roll

July 8, 2005 MGP 0

I’ve been on a bit of a summer reading bender. Call it my avoidance of summer heat/crowds/noise, or simply because I’ve been slacking lately in something I really enjoy doing. So, by extension, I’ve created this new blog topic and will be posting reviews of books here for your perusal — which will provide additional motivation for me to get to the current pile of tomes commanding my attention. Though, […]

Review: The History of the Devil
and the Idea of Evil

July 8, 2005 MGP 0

The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil by Dr. Paul Carus Orig. 1900 / Gramercy Before one reads this book, it would be good to remember that this was written in 1900. This means a few things: 1) the Church of Satan did not exist (which is to say that some of us might disagree with the author’s assertion that the 13th Century was “the Devil’s prime”), […]