This Bus Runs On 100-Proof!

Bet some of you even forgot about the “City Bus Tragedies” category, judging by how long it’s been since its last entry. Well, take your seats and hang onto the bars because it’s time for yet another ride on the tragic bus… My only recent bus tale involves an inebriated and lecherous old man, and […]

Beware The Gnashing Of Tard Teeth

New tard on the bus! (I always feel that trumpets should accompany that statement… not the general announce-the-king variety, but the type that precedes a barbarian (mongol-oid?) horde descending upon its enemies.) And, to my approval, this one has that magical 21st chromosome. Yes, an actual member of the Down Syndrome tribe — a rare […]

This Week On The Bus

While sitting at the Cherry Street bus stop yesterday, I noticed what appeared to be a new crazy person in town. Not that I keep up with these things, but when you live in such a small city, you tend to notice the newcomers — especially when they’re of a particularly looney sort. And, true […]