The Accusation Party – AP1: All Hail Inequality!

Purging Talon proudly presents its latest project: The Accusation Party. Serving as an audio podcast, The Accusation Party represents critical thought and analysis with a complete disregard for mainstream censure. It is total free speech — no trigger warnings, no political correctness, no privilege checking, no cultural inclusiveness. Nothing is sacred. None will be spared. […]

INFONAUT: Satanism Exposed

Some background via tubefilter: Machinima, the company behind one of the most widely watched channels on YouTube, has built up a strong network of talented creators. The gaming hub has launched Infonaut, a new documentary series where the minds behind popular YouTube channels chronicle the ways in which they’ve turned their ideas into online video […]

TalkingStickTV – Adam Parfrey Interview

As some of you might know, Feral House has published such official Church of Satan books as The Satanic Witch, The Devil’s Notebook, The Secret Life of a Satanist and Satan Speaks. In this interview, Adam Parfrey largely discusses his company’s more recent release, Ritual America, a book traversing the influence of secret societies.

Engadget Distro – Looks Pretty Good!

Ran into this one by chance while skimming through articles on my iPad and ended up downloading every issue. The idea is simple enough: take the Engadget content and reformat it as a free digital magazine for mobile devices — particularly tablets. It’s been done before; in fact, Flipboard conceptually does this with RSS feeds, […]