“Thank God I Was… Raped?”

July 24, 2008 MGP 4

If only it were a completely tasteless joke… as opposed to the completely tasteless reality it is, of course. You might want to remain seated for this one.

Dmitri Wants To LOVE You… If You’re “Elegant”

July 16, 2008 MGP 1

Here’s the back story from an involved party: “…One of my friend’s from work and her friend were out one night in the SF Marina district and were hanging outside of the bars trying to find a cab. One of the girls, Olga, ends up meeting this guy Dmitri and they talk for at the most 2 minutes. She hands him her business card and says call me… attached is […]

Canada Admits Forced Conversion Bad

July 1, 2008 MGP 4

Canada has apologized for forcing more than 100,000 aboriginal children to attend state-funded Christian boarding schools aimed at assimilating them. Mike Cachagee was one of those children. From 1920, attendance was compulsory for seven- to 15-year-olds, although many former students say they were taken at a much younger age. While some parents wanted their children to get an education and felt it was necessary to integrate into Canadian society, many […]

There’s Nothing THAT Good On TV

June 23, 2008 MGP 1

Apparently, if you’re looking for someone over a 42-year period, checking their own house is the LAST thing you do in Croatia. – MGP The remains of a woman have been found sitting in front of her TV – 42 years after she was reported missing. Hedviga Golik, who was born in 1924, had apparently made herself a cup of tea before sitting in her favourite armchair in front of […]