Introducing the iCade!

So, it look like this mini arcade cabinet for the iPad is actually going to happen. Atari even promises to release an impressive number of their vintage titles (like Asteroids) via the iTunes Store at or soon after launch. Even if they stick with vector-based graphics games, my vote would be for Star Wars, Battlezone […]

Review: Myst for iPhone

Myst was one of those computer games you either loved or hated, with very few gamers in between. Originally released for the Macintosh in 1993 (and later ported over to a number of computer and gaming systems), it was one of the earliest CD-ROM games (yes, I linked that term for the kiddies), taking advantage […]

Paddles and Joysticks… But Not So Naughty

Long before the time of Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo, there were home console video games with insane premises (birthed from their arcade counterparts) that children today couldn’t possibly fathom. Imagine explaining to a youngster today that the big game at the arcade consisted of a roaming yellow circle with a mouth […]