Linkdump: 5/9/11

Oh, Mr. Carlin, how terribly right you were! All children should experience the joy of horror movies. Just ask Ron and Emma! Church of Satan Magus Gilmore deconstructs “the Golden Rule” – Part 1 | Part 2 More vintage sleaze than I could handle? Yes, please! Planning on dying? Have you ever considered becoming a […]

Slowing Things Down A Bit

For not quite three years now, I’ve posted every single day, without exception, to this blog. Daily posting was challenging and a lot of fun, but there’s no way I can keep up that same frequency at this point. So, I’m going to slow things down a little. Instead of every day, I will now […]

Linkdump: 3/4/11

Miss Black Ontario? As in Canada? No, really. Start your whining. Westboro Baptist Church gets First Amendment protection. In more important news, Blade Runner prequels, sequels, and general nostalgia ass-reaming. OMG, like, it’s graphic photos of a flesh-eating virus victim! That’s so NSFW! Philly’s got Rocky. Salem’s got Samantha. Yeah, I think it’s time for […]

Linkdump: 2/20/10

While you’re waiting for the fall of civilization, enjoy this interview with Robert Taylor of Changes. Because, in this technological age, bible contradictions need graphical representation. Seems like white people aren’t the only ones creating myths about themselves. I am Netflix, and I will crush your Blockbuster! Chris Casady, effects animator on the original Tron, […]

Purging Talon Website Redesign

Somehow in the midst of my extremely busy last four days of double-loaded course work, day job hours, podcast recording and editing (with the new episode being released tomorrow), and a haircut, I also completely redesigned the Purging Talon website! Much of the change reflects the unavailability/discontinuation of products, past history of all important products/projects, […]

Linkdump: 2/10/11

While you are on your knees, General Zod has a few words for you on the subject of Valentine’s Day. You want green? I’ll give you green! Meet Genghis Khan, the original ecological warrior! I like ’em sexy… AND witchy! For your irrepressible geekitude (and inner child as well), I present the hexcodes for Crayola’s […]