Terror Transmission’s Halloween Teaser

October 11, 2009 MGP 2

Everyone’s asking us what our Halloween holiday movie will be for our upcoming episode. It’s true! And while we can’t tell you what it will be, we can urge you to check it out when it becomes available on Thursday, October 15th through our usual channels: our official website and our iTunes page, being the two big ones. Jason and I love Halloweentime and we’ll be celebrating it in style […]

7/12/09 – Somewhere In Vermont – 9:32 pm

September 25, 2009 MGP 1

Previous to producing the first episode for Terror Transmission, Jason and I (well, admittedly, Jason’s pretty gal pal) shot off scads of pics! Yes, scads — most of which not on our Flickr page. Here is one. Oh, yes, and subscribe today via iTunes!

MGP on Hate Speech Radio – 8/9/09

September 9, 2009 MGP 2

Above is what happens to a birthday cake when a drunk and completely naked radio stuntgirl sits on it. Honestly… a pretty sweet tasting cake. Anyhoo… the Hate Speech Radio episode celebrating the dual birthdays of HSR host, David Harris and not-HSR host, Yours Truly has FINALLY been posted to the Hate Speech Radio podcast page (part one | part two) and also available at their iTunes page. Enjoy the […]

Amazon Recommends To Me…

August 24, 2009 MGP 1

I guess my own book is good enough for Amazon to recommend it back to me via e-mail spam. At least, I think that’s how it goes. And it appears that I like hookers and metal, which I suppose isn’t an entirely unfair assessment. Good job, Amazon. Now, put me on your front page!

NYC Birthday Trip Rundown

August 13, 2009 MGP 4

It had been seven years since I’d visited New York City — Halloween 2002, to be precise. It was an amazing visit, full of all sorts of good stuff. So, when I was mulling over where to celebrate my birthday this year, it seemed the obvious choice. Also obvious because I have a good number of friends in the area and it’d been awhile since I’d last seen them as […]

Billy’s Little Twitter Collage Project

June 18, 2009 MGP 0

Above is the more or less full-sized version of my submission to Mr. Excitement himself, Bill Simmon’s Twitter/pic experiment. The idea itself is explained there, as well as the final collage. Of course, my true motivation for posting about it today is borne of sheer narcissism — but, would you expect any less? This is probably the last you’ll see of my soon-to-be former computer (though, perhaps also your first?) […]

6/12/94 – Burlington, VT – time unknown

June 15, 2009 MGP 0

This gigantic pic appeared in a fairly old issue of the Burlington Free Press for a story on zines, taken by someone who would later end up being a pal of mine. The photo actually takes up about a third of the page, which even took me aback. This is pre-Not Like Most, by the way — back when Purging Talon pretty much consisted of one small-press zine title. I’m […]


April 20, 2009 MGP 0

4/17/09 – Essex Junction, Vermont – 2:03 pm