MGP’s 15 Favorite KISS Songs

While there are MANY favorites, I feel that these are the ones (listed here in chronological order) that truly hold up for me through the years. And not all of these were “hits.” In fact, some of them were hardly even on the radar for most. But, as any long-standing KISS fan knows, this is […]

MGP on “Music From The Elder”

Above is a one-man cover of one of my favorite KISS songs (“Under The Rose”), albeit a somewhat obscure one to most. For those interested in brushing up on their KISStory, the original version of the track is the first we hear of a Gene Simmons / Eric Carr collaboration on vinyl, with Carr on […]

I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You – Rodrigo Gonzalez

from Wikipedia: González became friends with the Die Ärzte drummer, Bela B., when they sang a KISS song together in a bar while drunk. González was also a member of the so-called ‘KISS Army’… He covered the KISS song “I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You” in 2001, turning it into a disco track and singing […]

Hear Ye, O Minions of KISS!

The new album, Sonic Boom, has been released. That is all. Except for Joel’s anti-climactic experience at the Concord, New Hampshire Walmart while buying a copy. Okay, now THAT is all. Oh, and I want some of the M&Ms. Seriously, that’s all. I mean it this time. Yeah, okay, and a video…