New ARC Additions: 4/24/09

April 24, 2009 MGP 0

from left to right: Macintosh Classic | Power Macintosh G4 (Graphite) | Performa 550 See images of these and all of the other machines in my Apple Retro Collection.

M.I.T. Flea: April 2009

April 21, 2009 MGP 1

Although it blows my mind that Wikipedia, as of this posting, has NO entry for it, The M.I.T. Flea Market — also known as Hamfest, Swapfest, or The Flea — is an open-air electronics flea market happening at the parking lot and parking garage near Albany and Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts every third Sunday between April and October of every year. In addition to vintage radios, electronics parts, and […]

New ARC Addition: eMac

March 27, 2009 MGP 0

The 22nd addition to my Apple Retro Collection is the eMac. No, not the iMac, but the eMac. This model of Apple computer lasted about 4 years from 2002-2006, was the final PowerPC Mac ever made, and was initially geared towards the educational market (hence, the “e” in eMac). The eMac is definitely in that class of Macs that I like to define as oddball Macs, right alongside the eMate […]

New Flickr Set: Studio 8 Live – Marathon ’99

March 14, 2009 MGP 2

In ancient times, hundreds of weeks before the dawn of YouTube, there lived a strange race of television creatures… collectively, Studio 8 Live. Once a local public access show here in Burlington, Vermont, the weekly chicanery of Greg, Bill, Sean, and numerous others, including Yours Truly, would grace the cable-viewing screens of tens of thousands of potential watchers — to their amazement, horror, amusement, disgust, you name it. And since […]

Magister Church Interviewed on The Freezone

February 15, 2009 MGP 1

Magister Diabolus Rex Church was interviewed on The Freezone, a show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, back in November 2008. The audio interview, running approximately 86 minutes, covers much ground, including conspiracy, Cthulhu, pseudo-Satanists, aesthetic terrorism, magic, the Ragnarok Engine, and a lot more… Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 […]

New ARC Additions: 1/27/09

January 27, 2009 MGP 2

Four new additions this past weekend to my Apple Retro Collection. In order of being pictured above: Macintosh SE (FDHD), Macintosh Quadra 700, Macintosh LC II, and the Power Macintosh 7100. Also, at my main Flickr page are some new snaps within my other photo groups for your enjoyment. If you are really wanting to keep track of this madness, the machine count is now at 21.

NEW Flickr Set: Apple Extras

January 21, 2009 MGP 0

In addition to collecting Apple computers (mainly, Macs), there are other items I’ve collected that don’t fit neatly into the ARC, so they get their own section: Apple Extras.

New ARC Addition: eMate 300

December 26, 2008 MGP 0

While technically not a Macintosh (it doesn’t even run the Mac OS but, rather, its own: Newton OS 2.1), this Apple product — in essence, a Newton (or, more specifically, a MessagePad) PDA in laptop form — still fits the bill as the 17th addition to my collection. Even many of the Mac faithful might have missed this blip on the product radar for Apple as it spent most of […]

New ARC Addition: Macintosh Classic II

December 21, 2008 MGP 0

Pictured here, the Macintosh Classic II is the 16th addition to my Apple Retro Collection. I had a Classic back in the mid-’90s, but foolishly sold it off and had regretted it up until this week. So, it’s nice to have its visually familiar but far superior successor, sporting a marked speed bump from the 68K to the ‘030 processor. My used Mac dealer in the area has all peripherals […]

NEW Flickr Set: KISS Collection (Highlights)

December 7, 2008 MGP 0

The complete Flickr set only constitutes a sampling of my KISS collection — chiefly, the items that were easiest to access. Some of the collection is in storage out-of-state, but these are certainly many of my favorite items. A few notes… The bubble gum card collection is the first series, as there were two. Even with all of the duplicates I have, I’m still missing one card to make the […]

Shocking Tech-Autopsy Revealed!

November 29, 2008 MGP 0

Although I still haven’t decided exactly how its shell will be repurposed, I took advantage of the time off from work this weekend and completely disassembled my dead Grape iMac G3. I actually went a bit further than I needed to out of sheer curiosity. Call it a lifelong desire to see how things tick in general, and to learn more about how Apple does what they do under the […]