New Additions To The ARC: 11/8/08

November 8, 2008 MGP 0

Numbers 15 and 16 have been added to my Mac collection (with larger pics available at the Apple Retro Collection’s Flickr page). To the left is an Indigo iMac (2001) in perfect condition. The nice lady in Middlesex who sold it to me truly took care of this machine — not a scratch or blemish on it anywhere. To the right is a Power Mac G3 desktop, whose case needs […]

MGP’s Apple Retro Collection (ARC)

October 28, 2008 MGP 0

The ever-growing Apple computer collection of MGP, displayed for you in marvelous chronological order. It even has its own acronym! (To see all of the pics full-sized and in their intended aspect ratio, visit the ARC gallery on Flickr.)