Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

Iconic uses vivid color and detail to document Apple’s journey in design, form and function — and looks back at over 35 years of Apple innovation. Four years in the making, the author captured over 150,000 photos of nearly every product Apple has made, including rare prototypes and even packaging. Complementing the photography are forewords […]

jOBS – Official Trailer

Given that wildly ficticious clip from this upcoming film that circulated months back, I’m not getting my hopes up too much. Even Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak was appalled at the inaccuracy of the clip and holds no optimism for it. But, for as many Hollywood fabrications that will predictably fly, I still want to see […]

Robot Baby Will EAT YOU!

This robotic baby boy was built with funding from the National Science Foundation and serves cognitive A.I. and human-robot interaction research. With high definition cameras in the eyes, Diego San sees people, gestures, expressions, and uses A.I. modeled on human babies, to learn from people, the way that a baby hypothetically would. As much a […]

Engadget Distro – Looks Pretty Good!

Ran into this one by chance while skimming through articles on my iPad and ended up downloading every issue. The idea is simple enough: take the Engadget content and reformat it as a free digital magazine for mobile devices — particularly tablets. It’s been done before; in fact, Flipboard conceptually does this with RSS feeds, […]

Siri Argument

With the iPhone 4S came a little technology called Siri. It’s like a personal assistant… that gets things right most of the time. Some folks, however, need a bit of an adjustment period with it… In all likelihood, this video is NSFW.