Magnetic Poetry Madness #1

September 12, 2008 MGP 1

In nearly all cases, I really detest poetry. And the majority of people who write it, if their poetry is any indicator, aren’t particular interesting or entertaining in the slightest. But, when you’ve had a few friends over — maybe had a few cocktails, maybe more than a few — and the opportunity to mess with the jumbled magnetic words on MGP’s refrigerator presents itself… well, then, all bets are […]

Apple’s “Mystery Product” Musings

August 25, 2008 MGP 1

According to AppleInsider (and many others), Apple plans on releasing some sort of mystery product. The usual guesses have gone around, some of which include this whole fixation on a Mac tablet, which I just don’t see as being incredibly viable in a consumer marketplace, but maybe someone knows something I don’t. What seems stronger than rumor and more like insider information is coming from Digg founder, Kevin Rose, who […]

Transparent Macs

July 19, 2008 MGP 1

Most clear Macs, especially in the ’80s and ’90s, were prototypes and generally not for sale (though some rarely show up on eBay). This is more of a visual entry today. Enjoy! (from top to bottom: Macintosh SE/20, eMate 300, Color Classic, and Powerbook G3)

Paddles and Joysticks… But Not So Naughty

June 24, 2008 MGP 1

Long before the time of Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Halo, there were home console video games with insane premises (birthed from their arcade counterparts) that children today couldn’t possibly fathom. Imagine explaining to a youngster today that the big game at the arcade consisted of a roaming yellow circle with a mouth chasing pellets around a maze and running from multi-colored ghosts… all to eat the big […]