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Why I’m Breaking My No-Voting Rule This Season

For the last 30 years during which I’ve been eligible to vote in any election, I’d never done so. I’d never so much as registered to vote. I’d never thought about voting or wanted to vote or felt there was any reason to vote. My view on the political system was that there would never …

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Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

In this installment of “Ask A Network Head,” Natalie asks the head of programming at MTV why they stopped playing music videos. And gets a fun answer! Yay!

Pat Condell: A Word To Rioting Muslims

Probably one of Condell’s most spirited (if you’ll pardon the expression) and dead-on rants concerning Islam.

Screw Christmas… Except For The Cookies

Long ago, in a childhood far, far away, Christmas meant one thing and one thing only for me: presents. I recognized very early on that there was no worth to be found in the Christian residue of this holiday nor in its manipulatively sentimental trappings. I was neither a true believer nor a witless consumer-in-training. …

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Crass – “Reality Asylum”


Carolla on “Self-Entitled Monsters”

Sure he’s a cranky mofo and he might be somewhat painting with broad strokes, but a whole lot of that paint is rightfully landing on a whole lot of people. Oh, and this is certainly NSFW. Thanks again, Dave.

RAMZPAUL: London Burning

Youths. In quotes. Like this: “youths.” There, now you can euphemise just like the media.

MGP on Digital Media

I am a consumer of digital media — movies, TV shows, books, music, games, magazines, etc. But, there was a time when I was stubbornly resistant to such a changeover. Believe it or not, I was a tad slow to move from vinyl albums to their then-new CD counterparts. In the mid- to late-1980s, it …

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Successfully Coping With The Natural Demise of Peter Steele

So, Peter Steele is, purportedly, quite dead. (Have no idea who he is? Click here if you need to.) And my lack of surprise is about on par with my lack of being affected by it. That is to say not at all. But I understand a number of you (especially if you are female …

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The New Sofa Dilemma

That $3,500 beauty above is not it. Don’t be dumb. But, for regular visitors to my abode, I am getting a new one. Newer, better, softer, same size, and it’s a sleeper sofa, too. Would order it tomorrow, but I’m currently plotting on the best way to cat-proof my $1,100 investment. Choices are faux-leather or …

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