A Decade of MGP (1999-2009)

December 24, 2009 MGP 4

I realize that it is considered important or necessary or even a means to avoid boredom this month for various bloggers to cobble together some Top Ten list or similar rundown of pop culture media releases over this still-not-named decade. Given that I feel most of that could disappear off the face of the Earth and I wouldn’t even notice, it is not in my best interest to bother jumping […]

Bad Decisions in Horror DVD Box Art

December 21, 2009 MGP 1

[reposted from Terror Transmission] As fans of classic horror, we tend to like things left as they are. Whether it’s the occasional cringe when yet another deplorable remake surfaces or, in this case, the original home video box art is expunged and replaced with something less inspired and lacking the flavor of the film it’s trying to promote, it’s often an unwelcome revisionism that terror-fiends want no part of. The […]

Kevin Slaughter Speaks At Ingersoll Oratory

October 6, 2009 MGP 0

From Mr. Slaughter’s blog post on speaking at the Robert G. Ingersoll Oratory Contest, Washington, D.C. on the 4th of October 2009: I’m nervous… in a few hours I’ll be in our nation’s capitol reading a lecture by the great American orator Robert G. Ingersoll… No matter what mundane or crazy shit I’ve done in front of an audience, I’ve always been plagued with nervousness before beginning. From making an […]

No, They Really ARE Peaceful People. Or Not.

August 5, 2009 MGP 4

Fascinating how on The Iraq Culture Smart Card (a highly recommended read), some of the helpful words include “danger”, “shelter”, “mines” and “weapon.” Should be one of many signposts warning the rest of the world to simply avoid the hotbed of religious violence, rape and ignorance known as the Middle East. Funnier still how our own culture pushes the whole tolerance thing down our throats in response, as if the […]

I’m Down With The Fruity Pebbles

July 21, 2009 MGP 3

Over the last eight or nine months, I’ve been holding down a diurnal schedule, getting up at 7 a.m. for work, which means I eat breakfast. Previous to this new pattern, I hadn’t eaten that meal since the mid-1980s, so I’m a little unpracticed in what to choose. Seeing as I also have to consider the lack of time, I almost always go with cold cereal. It started with the […]

MGP Rewind: Dio Lyrical Examination

July 20, 2009 MGP 4

Back in the 1990s or nearabouts, I’d composed a lyrical examination of sorts for Dio’s first album, Holy Diver. At least, some of the choice tracks on the album. Bill M. posted it on the Internet, and then added his own commentary. Since you might have never seen this (or the other tracks dissected), here’s an example… Holy Diver Holy Diver [MGP: Question: what is a holy diver?] You’ve been […]

Cat Killing Teen In Need of Being Tortured

July 17, 2009 MGP 3

So, here’s the story: Cheyenne Cherry, 17, and her age-undisclosed cohort, utterly destroyed an apartment, took loot, and then shoved the occupant’s kitten into a 500-degree oven, left to slowly cook to death. Unrepentant and smiling to anyone who’d pay attention, this worthless sub-human ended up getting only a year in jail as part of a plea bargain. Oh, and she can’t have a pet for three years. Not exactly […]

MGP Rewind: “You’re ALL Fascists!”

June 29, 2009 MGP 2

An oldie, to be sure. Not really this angry anymore, but it’s still fun to share. Enjoy… excerpt from “You’re ALL Fascists” originally printed in Poo Poo Magazine #10 Copyright © 1995 Purging Talon Fascism is fundamentally a dictatorial practice, which means that if you feel that everybody should think like you do on a particular issue AND you wish to implement some sort of regulation, force, or social stigma […]

Dead Celeb Provokes Idiocy On All Fronts

June 27, 2009 MGP 0

I was almost not going to even address this, but… Yes, Michael Jackson is dead. The Gloved One has given his final performance. And with his passing has come a whole lot of cowardly snipes, snarky and unimaginative jokes, and a variety of other backlash garishly displaying the herd’s need for blameshifting and vilification in order to feel better about themselves. In other words, business as usual. Without wanting to […]

This Can Happen To YOU!

June 5, 2009 MGP 0

Unless, of course, you’ve even remotely careful in life. Then I suppose that driving off the top of a high-rise building might, in actuality, never, ever happen to you. Of course, you might enjoy it… for a split few seconds until you end up a twisted ball of metal. Or maybe you’re the type to sit back and get off to wrecks from a distance. Let’s face it. Life in […]

All Hail The Hero of Oklahoma City!

May 31, 2009 MGP 2

As this story relays, Jerome Ersland, 57, fended off two armed robbers from the pharmacy in which he worked, killing one of the perpetrators. While the other employees fled, Ersland could not, given his war injury and the back brace he was wearing as a result. Fearing for his life, he did what he needed to do. Some call it overkill. I call him a hero. Reading this story and […]