MGP’s Top 20 Favorite Films

Criteria: 1) movies I’ve loved since seeing them and love just as much (if not more) now, 2) movies I would watch if someone asked or offered, at any time, and 3) movies I know will stay loved by me until the day I die. So, here is the list in no order of importance […]

What MGP Does With His iPad

As mentioned previously on this blog, I bought an iPad. More exactly, I bought a 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad, feeling that this particular configuration was the logical choice for me. But, how did I come to that conclusion? I mean, it’s not much of a secret that the iPad isn’t a well-defined product. What I […]

Review: Metal Breakfast Radio

Radio Free Satan certainly has a few metal shows. In fact, so many eons ago, even I did a metal show on RFS, which a few of you might remember or, more cheekily, have “memories” of. At any rate, there are more than a couple of shows that wave the headbanger flag on said station […]