MGP’s Top 20 Favorite Films

July 12, 2015 MGP 0

Criteria: 1) movies I’ve loved since seeing them and love just as much (if not more) now, 2) movies I would watch if someone asked or offered, at any time, and 3) movies I know will stay loved by me until the day I die. So, here is the list in no order of importance because I love them all… Flash Gordon (1980): This movie marks a couple of milestones […]

What MGP Does With His iPad

October 17, 2010 MGP 0

As mentioned previously on this blog, I bought an iPad. More exactly, I bought a 64 GB Wi-Fi iPad, feeling that this particular configuration was the logical choice for me. But, how did I come to that conclusion? I mean, it’s not much of a secret that the iPad isn’t a well-defined product. What I (and many others) mean by that is that many potential customers of this tablet device […]

Review: Metal Breakfast Radio

March 23, 2010 MGP 6

Radio Free Satan certainly has a few metal shows. In fact, so many eons ago, even I did a metal show on RFS, which a few of you might remember or, more cheekily, have “memories” of. At any rate, there are more than a couple of shows that wave the headbanger flag on said station and that might be a good thing, depending upon your proclivities. So, what’s a program […]

Review: The Devil’s Mischief

August 27, 2009 MGP 3

Throughout human mythology, the Devil, in all of his guises, has possessed (pun intended) an immense sense of humor. Through such manifestations as Loki and Coyote, the capacity for tricks and laughter has been keenly aligned with the Satanic for millennia. In stark contrast, the fictionalized character of Jehovah is far too busy smacking humanity on the wrists at every possible turn for being themselves to have even a smidgen […]