Review: Hate Speech Radio

August 3, 2009 MGP 1

Despite the flow — yea, overflow — of information provided by the Internet, many cultures are still slow to shake off the vestiges of the political correctness which ran amok in the 1990s. And that decade’s coddling and oversensitivity of its children have brought us a generation mired in what the late, great George Carlin would likely call the “pussification” of the masses. If you care, it’s mighty sad. But, […]

Review: Reform School Girls

July 16, 2009 MGP 2

If I’m ever to engage in viewing trashy cinema, I like to think I have some standards. In a world that seems to be handing itself over to those least worthy of life, it’s good to establish and maintain some highly placed expectations reflective of a discriminating mind. That is to say that I like gratuitous female nudity, some torture, a little bit of captivity, a heap of exploitation, and […]

Review: Fangoria Radio (Podcast)

July 12, 2009 MGP 2

When I was barely junior high age, a certain magazine began its publishing, filled to the brim with news and pics documenting the horror movies I was otherwise too young to be able to see. Having been that age during the pre-VCR days, and cable TV not being as ubiquitous and varied as it is now, my outlets for my burgeoning horror fandom were limited. Sure, there was Creature Double […]

Review: Impaler

July 6, 2009 MGP 0

Back in 1998, there was a wrestler who ran for governor of Minnesota. You might remember him. With his bleach-blond hair and feather boa, Jesse “The Body” Ventura had a good gimmick running as a WWF superstar, and then somehow got into the good graces of Minnesotans and became their elected official. Who knows, maybe he had some charisma and charm to back him up. Though, the same could not […]

Review: Four Flies On Grey Velvet

July 2, 2009 MGP 0

This previously obscure Dario Argento cult film has had its run through the bootleg market. But now, it’s available in a fairly decent print laid to DVD. So, is it worth the wait for giallo fans, hungry for more ’70s Italian psycho-thriller goodness from this pre-horror period of Argento? Put a few drinks in me and I’d say yes, but with some strong caveats. Our story begins with Roberto, a […]

Review: Mondo Movie (Podcast)

June 11, 2009 MGP 0

Ask any film aficionado to define “mondo” cinema (not to be confused with “gonzo” — that’s a porn sub-genre) and you’ll get a number of responses. Some will directly reference its namesake (the film, “Mondo Cane”) or pseudo-documentaries in general, while others toss in exploitation, gore, giallo, and weird foreign fare. The two hosts of Mondo Movie podcast would probably say yes to all of the above, and more. Oh, […]

Review: Prom Night (2008)

June 9, 2009 MGP 0

I finally figured something out that I’d otherwise intuitively knew. For awhile now, I suspected that my championing of 1980s teen slasher films over their modern equivalents was largely if not entirely a product of adolescent idealizing. After all, so much of the media we consume as teens, were we to experience it 10-20 years after the fact, probably wouldn’t hold weight to what may or may not be maturing […]

Review: Myst for iPhone

May 26, 2009 MGP 0

Myst was one of those computer games you either loved or hated, with very few gamers in between. Originally released for the Macintosh in 1993 (and later ported over to a number of computer and gaming systems), it was one of the earliest CD-ROM games (yes, I linked that term for the kiddies), taking advantage of and, to some degree, showing off that technology. Over 15 years later, that same […]