Craigslist: Because By Any Other Name…

November 28, 2010 MGP 0

It’s a short one today, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in… something. Have at him, ladies. – MGP My fullname is Angusta Hezret Condo-ElNiño – m4w – 25 (Burlzingtin) Date: 2010-11-23, 2:00PM EST … and I have come to Varmont to avenge the death of my ego that one day at my sister’s house in Texarcana it was 1983 and I can’t go […]

Craigslist: I Dub Thee Assmaster General

October 23, 2010 MGP 0

You think you know ass. You know NOTHING! (Say it like Glenn Danzig; it’s funnier that way) – MGP Hanifords dorset st 9/23 – m4w (so burl ) I was shopping yesterday was turning in to isle you passed me from behind nice ass in Khaki slacks, reddish brown hair, top might have been a swirl of colors was to busy starring at your ass, LOL oh well you will […]

Craigslist: She Is My Darkness

September 14, 2010 MGP 0

There is rambling. There is stream of consciousness. And then there’s this fella… – MGP emotional targetting – m4w (hell ) Date: 2010-09-08, 1:36PM EDT i did not pick u attentionaly what i felt a while back was real not your fault no matter what u are great all i have done there is no sorry. i know realy i dont know u anymore . rumors i may have spread […]

TED: Inside a School for Suicide Bombers

August 31, 2010 MGP 0

Some good information here, despite the apologist tripe of “distorting the message” of Islam. It’s pretty clear that Islam is not a religion of peace and, at its core, is seeking total world domination through conversion and genocide. Might sound alarmist and not entirely probable, but it’s where this religion’s head is at. And it’s nice to see that the intelligent person can glean from this video the point of […]